Click here to submit feedback or report a bug! For bug reports, please check the Known Issues below to see if we’re aware of the bug prior to submission. For feature requests, please check the Upcoming Features section to see if it’s something we’re already planning. Thank you for helping us improve Fraymakers!

Fraymakers has come a long way, but we’re not finished yet! All animations, art and assets (especially the menu!), menu design, sounds and balancing should be considered a work in progress. In this section, you can find a list of bugs that we’re already planning to fix in future updates.

Known Issues



  • CPU is still fairly rudimentary – expect substantial improvements.
  • Airdash out of hitstun can sometimes incorrectly give you a small vertical boost.
  • Grabbing uses port priority to determine who is grabbed if multiple players are hit on the same frame. It should base it on distance from the player instead.
  • Characters in the KO state can still be moved by terrain.
  • If you airdash out of shield with the right stick (set to airdash in controller config) you can airdash at analog angles.
  • Rarely, you can land multiple times at the front end of a horizontally moving platform.
  • If you hit an invincible opponent and they die, you will get credit for the kill.
  • You can jump up through ceilings if pressed all the way up to them by terrain.
  • Frame perfect dash dancing does not behave properly.
  • If you jump while pushed all the way to the edge of a platform with Octodad or CommanderVideo, you can sometimes fall past the edge on the way down.
  • Buffering a ledge jump into assist call doesn’t play the character’s assist call animation.
  • Holding inputs during crash bounce doesn’t cause the appropriate action to come out once you’re actionable.


  • We’re dedicated to continuing to improve the performance of the game – stay tuned for updates over the course of development.
  • There is a memory leak which can cause your game to perform worse after subsequent matches. While we work on the fix, we recommend restarting your game every few matches (or when there’s a noticeable downturn in game quality).
  • FPS can drop when manually maximizing game (we recommend adjusting your viewport using the graphics options).


  • Controllers may be prone to glitching if you turn them on after the game has already been opened.
  • Ports should not be able to switch during a match.
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
    • If you plug a pro controller in while it was already registered on Bluetooth, you get a duplicate port and you control both. Make sure to disconnect your controller from Bluetooth if you plug it in!


  • If a playable character selects a palette, the assist version of that character should not be able to pick the same palette.
  • Offscreen indicator palettes are not updated when sprite palette changes dynamically mid-match.
  • Offscreen indicators can appear to not properly center character visuals.
  • Song overlay on match start is missing.
  • VFX and damage HUD should finish their animations on match end.
  • Some assist renders are misplaced on the match start doors.
  • Emotes are currently disabled.


  • Current reverb settings make some words a bit hard to hear or understand.
  • “First Blood” voiceline should happen on the first stock loss, regardless of whether it was a kill or not.
  • There is currently no velocity minimum for the “spike” announcer line.
  • Should not say “spike” when someone spikes an enemy with super armor.
  • “Spike” line (and hit effect) should not play if a player is hit downward due to an autolink angle.
  • The “both players not getting a hit for a while” announcer line should count shield hits as hits.
  • Countdown needs a corresponding visual – voice lines appear to not match up to the time currently (even though they technically do).
  • Lots of planned voice lines missing pending implementation!
  • Voice lines on character/assist select are dictated by port instead of cycling through.
  • If you go into overtime, the “time/game” voice lines at end of match begin to play and are cut off by the “overtime” voice lines.

Menus and Modes

General Menu Issues

  • There are rare sequences of menu inputs that can result in crashes. We are able to reproduce some of these issues, but please let us know if you figure out how to cause a crash consistently.
  • You can hover over two buttons at once using a mouse and keyboard/gamepad. 
  • Match start doors don’t respect color blind mode.
  • Backing out of the menu doesn’t highlight the previously selected button.
  • Text is off center on the info menu asset. 
  • Mousing over buttons should not cause the click sound effect to play.
  • Master volume slider missing from sound menu.
  • Missing option to disable background animations.
  • Buttons which open hyperlinks (news, bugs and feedback, social media links on start screen) currently do not navigate you away from the game if you are in fullscreen.
  • HUD position set to top overlaps with the game timer in 4 player matches.
  • Some online menu informational categories are not properly functional.

Character Select Screen

  • Re-selecting the custom content button should show the custom content list.
  • CPU level selection functionality is rudimentary / WIP.
  • Missing ability to toggle palettes by clicking the character render with cursor/mouse.
  • Stage title drop shadow is slightly misaligned.
  • Pressing F11 on the selection screen silently activates a keyboard port without lighting anything up.
  • Character/Assist/Stage buttons currently do not show a hover graphic.
  • You can toggle other port’s profile/info icon with your cursor.
  • Doors can sometimes show players in the wrong ports during 3+ player matches.
  • There is currently no pushaway logic for tokens.


  • Additional testing and optimizations for rollback netcode.
  • Lobby
    • Menu ecosystem and visuals are very rudimentary and WIP.
  • In game HUD
    • Doesn’t alpha tween in rollback.
    • Assist charge graphic can rarely become stuck in a weird-looking fully charged state if it gets rolled back.
    • Steam name missing.
  • If a player disconnects from the internet and reconnects while on the selection screen, they will not be disconnected until the match start doors begin.
  • You can mouse over and pick up hidden tokens for closed ports on the selection screen.
  • Summoning playable character assists can sometimes cause hitches when using rollback online.
  • If a desync occurs and one person ends the match before you do locally, your screen will freeze until the other person leaves the room.
  • If you connect to a room right as Steam goes offline, you might not be properly locked out of online buttons, resulting in some mildly weird behavior. You can correct this behavior by restarting the game. 
  • Under rare circumstances, the second port can be activated on the selection screen in online mode. If this happens, you can work around the issue by exiting and re-entering the mode.
  • Downloading very large custom content on match start can sometimes time out.

Controls Menu

  • Dash button should be renamed to “Walk” if you have Auto-Dash enabled.
  • The button assignment order is not persistent.
  • Rumble functionality is missing.
  • Controls option to change what neutral airdash input does (currently defaults to airdash forward).


  • Missing features and functionality.

Playable Characters


  • Rainbow trail
    • Visuals WIP.
    • Sized incorrectly on frame 1 of animation state change.
    • Tweened instances of the trail appear jagged in game.
    • Missing fade at end of trail. 
  • Side Special
    • Incorrectly changes states when parried and you release the special button.
    • Endlessly slides into walls.
    • Missing a custom aerial version.
  • Down Special
    • Doesn’t receive a teams outline.
  • Up Special
    • Doesn’t receive teams outline.
    • CommanderVideo gets layered behind his cannon when it fires.
    • Ambient lighting does not apply to the front layer of the cannon.
  • Assist
    • Paddle does not appropriately rotate with reflection.


  • Up and down Special has some general funkiness that we plan to iterate on and clean up.
  • Down special
    • Can automatically grab opponents regardless of their position in a FFA after a specific sequence.
  • Some of Octodad’s sprites have outdated visuals which are planned to be updated.
  • Roll off of a ledge sometimes results in incorrect positioning.


  • Boosted up strong vfx uses a placeholder visually stretched version of the normal vfx.


  • Bullet casings and reload sound inappropriately play when wavedashing using the wavedash button.
  • Select throws should use ammo (it won’t affect gameplay unless you get hit out of the throw but will feel cool).
  • Double jump projectile destroy animation should continue downward movement while playing when decaying in air.
  • Airdash from the ground doesn’t use ammo.
  • Ammo meter bounces when he gets a bullet by hitting an opponent. It should only bounce on full recharge.
  • Neutral Special
    • Balloon should flash a bit before timing out.
  • Wavedash does not play the airdash sound effect.
  • Being hit by your own reflected projectiles refills the ammo gauge.

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000

  • Up special sometimes moves upward through terrain.
  • Dumbbell projectile can be spawned inside of terrain.


  • Spawning playable character assists can cause hitches.

The Bard

  • Character sprite preemptively leaves if you hit with the song wheel early.

Captain Viridian

  • Characters affected by Captain Viridian’s gravity do not properly loop their jump_loop state while rising (they currently hold their last frame).


  • May slow down rollback online.
  • Shadows are missing from the pillar.
  • Pillar should destroy when unattached from ground.
  • Pillar should blink before self-destroying.
  • You can jump upward through ceilings if you call a pillar right under one.
  • Currently deletes Orcane’s puddle.


  • Can restart his punch animation if you hit the grabbed enemy in some situations.


  • Please don’t use pizza’s paint on a custom stage with a slope we’re begging.
  • The Brush’s outro has a baked in white flash which briefly disrupts palette swaps.


  • Should not swing at teammates unless friendly fire is on.


  • Sunburst is missing from the cut in.


Merchant Port

  • Missing anchor shaking animation.

The Spire

  • Lighting system is not yet fully implemented.


  • Tweened symbols do not respect pivot points.
  • Navigating the library using the keyboard doesn’t update previews.
  • Selecting a frame on a locked layer (or the locked layer itself) should not allow you to edit the object on the stage.
  • You should be able to deselect a selected object by either pressing esc or left clicking an empty portion of the stage.
  • If you use ctrl + click on a keyframe to deselect something, you lose the ability to select anything on the stage until you select something on the timeline again.
  • Multiple layers paste in the wrong order.
  • Detection radius on draggable points is too small.
  • The properties panel only responds if you move your mouse between clicks.
  • The stage’s scroll bar can sometimes appear inconsistent.
  • Publish time should use seconds if applicable.
  • Properties text panels don’t extend horizontally with additional screen space.
  • Rarely, objects can become non interactable.
  • Double clicking a negative number only highlights the digits.
  • Moving keyframe positions with your mouse by clicking and dragging should clear the keyframe’s previous position.
  • If you create an animation with a duplicate name, save and close the entity and reopen, you get a visual glitch where a bunch of duplicate names show up. If you delete one, close and reopen they’re all gone.
  • Changing the value in a properties field then selecting another object should save the value change.
  • Pasting multiple collision box layers sets the collision box type to “None”.
  • Exporting a large file doesn’t give you an immediate indicator that you are publishing.
  • When you copy a palette the “base costume” toggle should automatically turn off.
  • Resizing a box using scale in properties should do so with respect to the pivot point.
  • Whitespace at the end of data in fields should be automatically trimmed.
  • Opening a new project doesn’t work when you have more than one file with pending changes.
  • Manually scaling PNGs using a mouse doesn’t work well with rotation.
  • Palette preview tool breaks with sprites over a certain size.
  • Setting alpha to zero currently doesn’t work (use a number very close to zero for a temporary fix).
  • Numbered assets are not sorted correctly in the library if the numbers have different digit counts (for example, assetname_2 will show up after assetname_15).
  • Looping an animation over a long period of time can possibly cause a soft crash.
  • Positioning a grabbed character’s grabholdpoint across the origin flips them.
  • The program may slow down after extended use.
  • If you leave an animation playing in when you export, the export takes substantially longer.
  • Locally namespaced music cannot be loaded via stages in other namespaces.
  • grabholdboxes snap the grabbed character to the floor if nearish to the ground.
  • Origin point should be represented by a fixed-size crosshair graphic.
  • Your cursor can get stuck in the corner of edge resize visual (tab out and then back into the application to fix in the meantime).

Upcoming Features

Content and features that we’ll be adding during Early Access! 

Playable Characters

  • The Watcher (Slay the Spire)
  • Plus 3 more characters before 1.0, and at least one additional DLC character!


  • Lady Luck (Dicey Dungeons)
  • Shopkeeper (Downwell)
  • Stardrop (Indie Pogo)
  • Plus 25 more assists before 1.0!


  • Hazard versions for all stages (including The Spire!)
  • FamilyJules Backyard song
  • Plus 9 more full stages before 1.0!

Single Player Modes

  • Tutorials
  • Training mode features
  • Target Test


  • Ranked Matchmaking
  • More advanced lobby options (passwords, kicking, etc.)
  • Profiles
  • Leaderboards
  • FrayBets!
  • Spectator Functionality


  • More match options
  • Match Modifiers
  • Expanded screen shake functionality
  • Super Attacks
  • Items


  • End of match screen
  • Performance settings
  • FamilyJules Fraymakers Theme cover
  • Cleaned up designs and additional functionality


  • Tile Support
  • Onion skin support
  • The ability to edit multiple frames at the same time
  • Enhanced auto-hurtboxer
  • Auto-generate PNG sequences from GIFs
  • Update notifications
  • Update prompt for plugins
  • Support for reflection layers on stages
  • Quality of Life Updates
    • Inter-asset clipboard functionality
    • Ctrl/Alt/Shift key support for transformation tool
    • Library search bar
    • “convert to frame by frame” function for tweens
    • Customizable hotkeys
    • Double click layer name to rename
    • Ability to click and drag layers to reposition
    • Indication of open files in library
    • Size indicator for stage
    • Option to automatically load assets upon project open
    • Ctrl Shift paste to paste contents at center of screen position
    • Enter key to toggle timeline playback
    • Surface error when duplicate animation names exist
    • Option to have color picker persist when making palettes
    • Ability to choose a background on stage of palette creation screen
    • Option to have panels’ positions persist between tabs
    • Ability to set an image to the position 0,0 by right clicking
    • Glyphs for different ease types on tweens
    • Ability to cancel mid-publish
    • Ability to jump stage position to origin
    • …and more!


  • Tomamoto Announcer Pack
  • Alpharad Announcer Pack
  • Credits Game
  • Nintendo Switch Port

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