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Fraymakers is a fully modular, full-featured, modular platform fighter from McLeodGaming, the creator of the most popular Super Smash Bros. fangame on PC. The game features a main cast of beautifully spirited, hand-animated indie gaming icons, detailed stages from their worlds, and well as a massive selection of assists from a broad selection of indie titles. We've spared no detail or expense: the members of our playable cast feature full platform fighter movesets with no cut corners (that's over 80 high-resolution custom animations per character!). Fraymakers will also be released simultaneously with FrayTools, the robust custom tool we're using to build the core content of the game itself, at no extra charge! Using FrayTools, not only can you build your own characters, you can build your own assists, stages, menus, modes and more using a program that’s designed to make the experience as efficient, user-friendly and versatile as possible. We're making the game we've always wanted to play: the ultimate celebration of everything that we love about the indie game community and everything we’ve learned from over 13 years of making platform fighters!

The Fraymakers Kickstarter campaign concluded in late 2020, raising $364,922 for further development. Early Access is scheduled to release in early 2022.


The Fraymakers team first met through working together on Super Smash Flash 2, McLeodGaming’s free Smash Bros. fangame. SSF2 has grown from its modest beginnings in 2007 into the largest fangame of its kind, with over 500,000 plays on a weekly basis and peak daily plays of over 1,000,000. Our core team honed their skills at every aspect of platform fighter development through over a decade of passionate, unpaid work. With Fraymakers, we’re looking to leverage our expertise in the creation of an extremely ambitious, polished platform fighter.


  • Rollback Netcode - If you’ve been a part of the fighting game community over the past few years, you know that rollback is the gold standard for fighting game netcode. We’ve prioritized and designed around rollback from the outset of development, meaning that Fraymakers will provide the smoothest possible online experience.
  • Assists - Choose from a massive selection of indie characters to unleash an attack, fire a projectile, buff your character, inflict a special status effect, and more!
  • Infinite Expandability - We designed both the game and our custom content editor to be accessible and powerful. We want the process of creating your own content to be simple and fun. Whether you're a player or a creator, this means that the possibilities are endless.
  • Full Movesets - With over 80 animations per character, we've skipped nothing! Each character comes complete with every motion and attack you've come to expect from a platform fighter as well as some brand new techniques.
  • Beautiful Sprites - Every character, assist, and stage is sprited and animated by hand. We've made it our goal for every aspect of our visual presentation to be polished and cohesive.
  • Easy to pick up, hard to master - Fraymakers is designed to be friendly to new players and challenging and expressive for veteran players. You’re going to have a ton of fun whether you want a quick round with your friends or you’re looking to climb the leaderboards.


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